Case 151 – Update 1

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Fevers continue despite good antibiotic cover. All cultures are sterile. Lymphadenopathy persists and he has ongoing splenomegaly.

Peripheral blood is sent for flow cytometry. There is only 1% of CD 45 weak population positive for CD 34 , HLA-DR and CD 117. Other markers are negative. CD14 positive monocytes comprise 72% of the nucleated population.

Platelet count keeps dropping and he now requires daily platelet transfusions over the last 72 hours.

Viruses including EBV/CMV/Adenovirus and TORCH panel are all negative. HbF percentage is 8.2% which is normal for age. LDH is 892 and rising , Clauss Fibrinogen is 1.2 g/L and Ferritin is 9500 mcg/L.

Ultrasound of the abdomen shows enlarged liver with splenic parenchymal infiltrates. A CT TAP does not aid apart from confirming cervical lymphadenopathy and splenic infiltrates.

He is wheeled into theatres for a bone marrow under GA. Aspirate is aparticulate and there is left shifted granulopoiesis. There is dyserythropoiesis along with basophilia and prominent promonocytes and monocytes. Blast population is 2%. No morphological evidence of acute leukemia.

The flow again shows only 4% of CD 45 weak nucleated cell population. Similar markers as the peripheral blood. Trephine is reported as : Disorganised marrow with a preponderance to left shifted
granulopoiesis. Monocytes mildly increased. Megakaryocytes and erythroid cells
are significantly reduced.

Samples from bone marrow for infectious pathogens including AFB are negative.

Karyotype is 46 XY , FISH is negative for BCR ABL and molecular studies are awaited

  • Is there a component of HLH here ? Is it primary or secondary to an underlying problem ?
  • Given the background and age – what further tests does would help us narrow down our differentials?
  • What specific molecular tests from the bone marrow would be helpful?

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