How TeamHaem works

Our main focus of learning is via case studies. We may also post links to journal articles or events of interest to our followers. Each case generally lasts one week and starts with minimal information or a picture. The idea is that our followers on Twitter ask questions and give information in order to allow the case to progress.  The case is posted on our Blog and various questions will be posed.

Here is an example of how things start:

We will then post a link on Twitter and enclose the hashtag #TeamHaem. All followers of our Twitter account @TeamHaem will see when we have made a post. They will be able to read the blog site on their computer or smart phone and then make a contribution via Twitter.  The idea is that you can keep up to date when at work during a quiet five minutes or when walking down the corridor or at home during a television advert break.  The commitment is entirely up to you.


As long as everyone contributing replies to us @TeamHaem and uses #TeamHaem in their Tweet it will allow everyone to follow the case.  We will give answers to our followers questions and post updates on a daily basis.  The case evolves depending on what questions or information our followers tweet about. Some of our followers are very active and others simply let the case unfold.

In order for the case to work we need input from a number of different members of the team – scientists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc.

Once the case has ended we will post a summary of the case.

Please note – all cases on TeamHaem are entirely fictional to protect patient confidentiality.  TeamHaem are not a position of authority.  It is an educational platform to allow discussion and learning.

If you’re worried about how to use Twitter – please see Twitter for medical education.

Benefits of TeamHaem